Arwen’s Wolfpack

Arwen was born on may 17, 2018. She came out a litter of 8. On july 12th, at the age of 8 weeks old we welcomed Arwen in her new home. Here she was introduced to Ares, who was with us for merely two weeks. Arwen and Ares only differ a few weeks in age. They have grown up together and love to wrestle and enjoy eachother’s company. Arwen also regularly meets up with her siblings and parents during Tamaskan walks, activities or reunions. On july 3rd, 2020 Cleo was added to the family and quickly took her place within the ‘wolfpack’.

Arwen is a friendly dog. She is calm and reserved to people. She is very active and playful outside with other dogs. At home she is always at our side or seeking the comfort of her bed. She has very low hunting instinct, and therefore walks usually off the leash.

For more information on genetics/health/traits: Click here for Arwen’s embark results.

For more information on Pedigree: Click here for Arwen’s pedigree.

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